Modern Barn Door 18 x 80 inches Opaque Glass 4 Lites / Mela 7222 White Silk / Stainless Steel 6.6FT Rail Track Set / Solid Panel Interior Doors


Size: 18" x 80"
Sale price$561.00


Collection of classic doors with a discreet design. Clean lines, simple and unabashed design and smooth surface, almost velvety.
Premium decorative films are made on the basis of polypropylene. A special feature of this fims is outstanding imitation effect of a painted surface. Free from solvents and formaldehyde the Premium films are also extremely environmentally friendly and contribute to a healthier living climate. High quality material surface makes it easy to clean and guarantees outstanding resistance against mechanical stress and chemicals..
Finish - white coating.
Door core - MDF (engineered wood).
Thickness of the door - 1 1/2". Thickness of the glass - 1/6", 4 lites of Opaque Glass.
Doors have NO holes for the hardware.

What included:
- door slab;
- stainless steel rail 6.6FT;
- hangers with wheels (require extra 6" of the height);
- door stops;
- floor guide (groove for guide has to be made);
- all mounting screws;

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