There Are So Many Blinds and Shades to Choose From at NYKHDC

When most individuals think of window treatments, blinds and shades are what come to mind first. A good set of blinds/shades can transform a room, adding an element of elegance while also giving the homeowner the ability to control how much light streams into the room. But before you purchase blinds or shades, there are some questions you should ask, mainly:

  • What purpose will the blinds/shades serve?
  • What’s my budget?
  • How will the blinds/shades go with the preexisting decor?
  • Will the blinds/shades ensure privacy?

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What to Consider Before Purchasing Blinds & Shades


Homeowners purchase window treatments for different reasons. Some want to make their windows—as well as the rooms these windows are in—more elegant, while others want to make their windows more efficient. Before you purchase blinds/shades, be clear on your reason for doing so. Perhaps you're sick of looking at and dealing with bulky curtains, or maybe you don't have any window privacy at all. Or perhaps there's too much light streaming in and you want a way to control this. If you’re sure on your reason for purchasing blinds/shades, you won’t regret purchasing them once they’re installed.


While some window treatments are on the pricier side, there are many affordable and attractive options these days. When it comes to window treatments, price corresponds most closely with size, so larger window treatments are going to cost more. If your budget is unlimited, you should get custom shades that are motorized, as these provide an unmatched level of efficiency.

But if you're on a limited budget, you can get ready-made shades or vinyl blinds. Both options are effective, light-controlling solutions that cost little and look great.

Preexisting Decor

Before you purchase blinds or shades, you must first consider the preexisting decor. Window treatments are can’t-miss fixtures, and a treatment’s style has a lot to do with how it controls light. There are so many styles to choose from, and both blinds and shades come in a wide range of colors. If you want to add vibrancy to your room, then get window treatments in bold colors. Sunlight will mix with these bold colors to create some pretty cool effects.


If privacy is a main concern, then this factor will largely determine which blinds or shades you get. If you get treatments that are on the heavier side, these will thoroughly keep light and prying eyes out. Cellular shades and aluminum blinds are ideal for those who want the most privacy possible, while fabric shades bring in more light while still providing a decent level of privacy.

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