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A bathroom isn't complete without a vanity, and these days there are so many stylish vanities on the market. You can install a contemporary vanity or one that's traditional, and vanities being made now are versatile, long-lasting, and better looking than ever. Moreover, it’s now easy to get a high-quality vanity for an affordable price, which means homeowners at all income levels can upgrade their bathrooms with top-of-the-line bathroom vanities.

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Why Vanities Are Essential Bathroom Fixtures


Whether you purchase an all-door vanity, an all-drawer vanity, or a vanity that utilizes both doors and drawers, you'll have a first-rate bathroom fixture in which you can store a variety of grooming products, appliances, and first aid items. Bathrooms are often small spaces, which means one must make the most of the space they have. With a vanity, you have an excellent storage system, and one that doesn’t take up a lot of room. You can utilize the surface of the vanity, the space underneath, and any overhead cabinets when you need to store things.

Timeless Appearance

Vanities are constructed out of a range of materials, and often homeowners use vanities as the centerpieces on which all other bathroom decor is based. Some vanities are compact while others are bold and enveloping, and some are made of classic hardwoods while others are made of metal or stone. In the end, bathroom vanities are some of the most visually appealing residential fixtures, and those that are made of classic hardwood and equipped with marble countertops and mirrors are particularly sought after.

There are even vanities which have electric outlets in the drawers/doors. And as far as plumbing goes, the pipes that run through the vanity are streamlined, and this is so the owner can utilize as much underneath space as possible.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Bathroom Vanity

Before you purchase a bathroom vanity, you must make sure that your bathroom can accommodate this fixture. When measuring for the bathroom vanity, keep these things in mind:


There must be ample room to move around when the drawers and doors are fully open.


If you need to reroute plumbing, such is going to make the installation more costly. Therefore, if you have a vanity already and you're looking to replace it, you should get a vanity that’s the same size and install it in the same location.

Existing Features

Consider the fixtures that are in the bathroom currently. If you have to rearrange things—like mirrors, cabinets, and electrical work—the installation will be more costly and time-consuming.

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