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Sinks are staples in both kitchens and bathrooms. While kitchen and bathroom sinks are similar in some respects, there are some notable differences as well. Purchasing a brand new sink is a significant investment, and this is why it’s best to be clear on your wants and needs before you purchase a sink.

These days, getting the sink of your dreams is quite possible if you just do a little bit of research. You'll be able to get the right materials, an ideal size, and a style that's best for you. And if you're undergoing a kitchen or bathroom remodel, it's quite likely that changing the sinks will be one of the first items on the to-do list.

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Choosing the Sink Material

The material that’s used to construct the sink is one of the most important aspects. When most individuals think of sinks, they think of classic porcelain sinks. While these are the standard, there are stainless steel sinks, cast iron sinks, sinks made of tempered glass, stone sinks, and sinks made of other materials.

When considering sink material, think about how often you'll be using the sink. After all, you’ll have to clean it somewhat frequently, and some of these materials are easier to clean than others. For example, when you're dealing with porcelain sinks, you have to keep an eye out for stains and scuffs, but these are generally easy to remove.

A lot of individuals choose stainless steel sinks for their kitchens, mainly because these sinks are more durable. This durability doesn’t come at the cost of appearance, as stainless steel sinks are modern, minimalist, and easy to clean.

Choosing the Style

Once you’re clear on which sink material you want, it's time to select the style. Do you want a sink that drops into the counter? This sink—known as a drop-in sink—has been the standard for years. With a drop-in sink, the only part that’s visible above the basin is a lip that rests on the counter.

Or you can get an undermount sink. This fixture attaches beneath the counter so there's no lip at all. This configuration is ideal for those who like a seamless look. Undermount sinks also give you more counter space, and they're easy to clean too. Lastly, installing these in your home will increase its value.

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