Roller Blinds

A roller blind is essentially a long piece of fabric that is fitted over a roller made of wood or metal and when fixed on a window, the fabric can easily be pulled from the roller to cover the window.

Super easy to clean, operate, and maintain, roller shades are ideal solutions in residential, retail, and office settings.

Roller shades are a favorite choice for adding texture, color, and sleek accents to a home. Clean-cut and versatile, roller shades are available in solid colors, various textures, patterns and synthetic woven fabrics. A great mix of modern function and fashion, roller shades are clean, easy to use, and ready to serve.

Roman Shades

Roman blinds have a cord system where the cords run on the outside of the blind and are fitted inside eyelets that are placed horizontally. When opened these shades fold evenly and when closed they cover the entire window without any parts overlapping or creasing.

Roman shades are a neat and classy way to cover your windows. What makes them distinctive is their wide pleats, which create a smooth, accordion-like look as they open and close. These shades are very robust, elegant and functional and you may even see them called roman curtains because of their versatile designs. Roman shades are made of natural or synthetic fabrics, and from popular materials like bamboo - so you can have fabric roman shades or wooden roman shades and everything in between.

Roman shades are some of the most classic and popular window treatments.


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