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There are so many window treatments being manufactured these days, and those who want an upgrade from basic blinds and shades often opt for roller and Roman shades. These latter fixtures are not only elegant, as they’re also highly efficient and long-lasting if maintained properly. You can find roller and Roman shades in both homes and businesses nowadays, and few window treatments control light as well as these do.

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Why Roller Shades and Blinds Are Preferred

There are so many reasons to love roller shades, and such in part explains why these fixtures have only become more popular since first hitting the market decades ago. Below are some of the attractive qualities that roller shades boast:

Light Filtering, UV Protection & Privacy

If you want your room to feel more cozy, invest in some roller shades. You can filter in light as you wish or make use of the blackout feature. With this latter feature, no light will stream in. These shades are also ideal for those who want both privacy and UV protection.


Because roller shades are versatile, they can be effective in numerous rooms. Plus, there are so many colors, patterns, textures, and styles to choose from. These shades look good in both contemporary and traditional decors.


Roller shades are hassle-free window treatments. They're easy to raise and lower, which means controlling light isn’t a pain.

Motorized Roller Shades

If you get motorized roller shades, you’ll have shades that are even easier to control. These shades are ideal for large windows and windows that are hard to reach. With the simple press of a button, or using a smart phone, the windows will lower to provide as much light filtering as you desire.

Why Roman Shades and Blinds Are Preferred

Stylish & Elegant

Roman shades, like roller shades, come in numerous colors, textures, patterns, and styles. They also go well with both contemporary and traditional decors just like rollers do. Moreover, telling friends and guests that your shades are “Roman shades” is quite fun, as there’s a certain air of elegance associated with the name.


Roman shades are also an affordable light-controlling solution. If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on window treatments, then going with Roman shades is a good move. These are also lightweight, so you won't have to worry about them being too heavy or bulky. They let in a good amount of light and deliver effective privacy as well.

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Roman Shades

Roman blinds have a cord system where the cords run on the outside of the blind and are fitted inside eyelets that are placed horizontally. When opened these shades fold evenly and when closed they cover the entire window without any parts overlapping or creasing.

Roman shades are a neat and classy way to cover your windows. What makes them distinctive is their wide pleats, which create a smooth, accordion-like look as they open and close. These shades are very robust, elegant and functional and you may even see them called roman curtains because of their versatile designs. Roman shades are made of natural or synthetic fabrics, and from popular materials like bamboo - so you can have fabric roman shades or wooden roman shades and everything in between.

Roman shades are some of the most classic and popular window treatments.