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Porcelain has long been associated with elegance, and many home and business owners install porcelain tiles to take advantage of the elegance that only porcelain tiles can boast. There are many other reasons why individuals prefer these tiles. They're long-lasting, easy to maintain, and visually appealing.

Some get porcelain tiles mixed up with ceramic tiles, but porcelain tiles possess a range of qualities that ceramic tiles lack. In short, porcelain tile is some of the best surface material out there—no wonder it’s been sought after for years.

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What Are Porcelain Tiles?

The majority of porcelain tiles are made of dense clay and fired at an extremely high temperature. There are, however, some porcelain tiles that are made out of other natural materials. Porcelain tile is non-porous and uniform, and these qualities make this tile ideal for rooms in which the temperature fluctuates. Porcelain tiles also make radiant heat systems more effective.

While they’re about as thick as most ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are heavier. Moreover, there are many kinds of porcelain tile to choose from, whereas the ceramic tile selection is more limited.

Porcelain Tiles vs. Ceramic Tiles

Most consumers assume porcelain and ceramic tiles are the same, but such is not the case. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both wonderful surface materials, but porcelain tiles are especially good when used as flooring or wall covering. Additionally, one can make a beautiful, unique backsplash using porcelain tiles. And since there are so many kinds of porcelain tile to choose from, a lot of home and business owners select porcelain over ceramic.

Why Porcelain Tiles Are Purchased


Porcelain tiles are water-resistant, and this is in part why these tiles last a long time. Moreover, they don't have a lot of air pockets, as they’re dense and uniform. They’re also harder and thicker than most other surface materials. This is why porcelain tiles are often found in businesses and rental properties, as durability is important in these places.

Easy to Maintain

When compared to a hardwood floor, porcelain tiles are much easier to maintain. With these tiles, you don't need a special sealant to keep the water out. And to clean them, all you’ll need is a mop and some paper towels. It's hard to damage these tiles, so cracks are rare. Porcelain tiles are used in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and mudrooms, specifically because they are so easy to clean.


Porcelain tiles are uniquely stylish, and few other surface materials are so closely associated with luxury. Even though these tiles are durable, they can still look beautiful; they combine the best of both worlds!

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