Get MSI Tile and Stone From Us

When a consumer is in the market for tiles, it's likely they’ll come across MSI tile and stone. MSI has been manufacturing tiles and stones since 1975, and these days their tiles can be found in both homes and businesses, particularly in kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and other locations that experience high foot traffic.

There are many reasons to love MSI tiles and stones. After all, they’re visually attractive, durable, and affordable. A lot of consumers are fond of their wood-like tiles, as these combine the best qualities of both wood and tile.

Check out our Brooklyn showroom or browse our collection online when you’re looking to purchase high-quality MSI tiles and stones. We always have a wide selection of MSI products in stock, so there’s certainly something here for you!

What Is MSI Tile?

MSI manufactures a wide variety of tile and stone products. According to their website, they have “hundreds of millions of sq.ft in stock”, which means getting your hands on MSI products isn’t difficult. Whether you’re in the market for vinyl, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, purchasing MSI products is a good move. This company also manufactures:

  • Quartz countertops
  • Natural stone countertops & tiles (granite, slate, marble, quartzite, travertine, limestone & sandstone)
  • Prefabricated countertops

MSI is also a leading sink manufacturer, which makes sense considering sinks, countertops, and backsplashes all go together.

Why MSI Tile Is Sought After

Visually Attractive

MSI tiles and stones are some of the most visually attractive surfacing materials on the market right now. There are so many fresh and exciting tile designs coming out every year, and MSI is one of the only companies that can confidently state it has a product for every homeowner. Whether you're looking to install tiles indoors or outdoors, purchasing MSI tiles will be a good move. There are so many textures and patterns to choose from, but MSI wood-like tiles are the undisputed favorite.


These tiles are durable and long-lasting—two qualities that all premium tiles possess. To make their tile designs, MSI utilizes the most high-tech inkjet printing process. The patterns penetrate deep into the tiles, and as a result the tiles are not only more realistic but stronger as well.


MSI manufactures high-quality products and offers them for reasonable prices, and this is one reason why they are a preferred tile manufacturer. With MSI tiles, one can bring beauty to their home or business without breaking the bank.

Visit Our Brooklyn Showroom to See All the MSI Products We’re Offering

NY Kitchen and Home Design Center is a licensed MSI tile and stone distributor, and our selection of MSI products is vast and always being updated. Check out our Brooklyn showroom when you're looking to incorporate MSI products into your home or business. Whether you’re a tile lover or a soon-to-be tile lover, we’ll help you find tiles that leave you speechless!