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These days, individuals use mirrors for a variety of reasons. Some use mirrors when applying makeup or grooming, and others need mirrors to tie a tie and assess how an outfit looks. Mirrors are also used to reflect light in homes, and there are a variety of other reasons why mirrors are used. And mirrors are not just practical fixtures, as mirrors being made now are designed to be stylish as well.

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Why Mirrors Are Hung in Homes

Creating the Illusion of More Space

If you’re living in a small space, like an apartment, and you're looking to add more depth, then installing a mirror can do just that. The mirror will reflect the open space of the room in which it is hung, making the room seem larger than it really is. With this same principle in mind, you can hang identical mirrors side by side in a narrow hallway so the area doesn’t seem cramped but spacious. Large mirrors, as opposed to small mirrors, are better at creating the illusion of additional space.

A Mirror as a Centerpiece

In a lot of living rooms and parlors, the centerpiece is a mantelpiece. In others, a colorful painting serves as the centerpiece. A mirror can also serve as an attention-grabbing centerpiece, especially if it’s elegant and featuring a magnificent design. Decorative, eye-catching mirrors are often compliment magnets that outshine all other fixtures in a room.

The best mirrors for bedrooms and dressing rooms are tall, slender mirrors. They can go on any wall and deliver a full-body reflection. The mirror should, however, be in a spot that has good lighting.

Enhancing Lighting

These days, homes are full of mirrors, in part because these fixtures accentuate natural light to better illuminate spaces. If you situate a mirror in front of some windows or a door pane, then light will stream through and reflect off the mirror, creating double illumination. A hallway with a loan window can actually be illuminated quite well if there's a large enough mirror at the end of it. And with more natural light, there's less demand for electricity, which is a plus for anyone who cares about the environment.

Where Mirrors Are Hung Most Often

Mirrors are often hung in bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other rooms that can benefit from the qualities of mirrors detailed above. In short, mirrors are unique fixtures that can enhance whatever room they’re used in.

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