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While they’re not as prominent as other kitchen fixtures, they’re certainly just as important. Kitchen faucets control water flow to the kitchen, and so many kitchen activities rely on a working faucet. Therefore, the faucet has to be highly efficient, or else completing everyday tasks in the kitchen would become a hassle.

A faucet must go well with the rest of the kitchen decor. Specifically, it has to complement the sink, countertop, cabinets, and other nearby fixtures, furnishings, and appliances. Faucets come in a variety of finishes, and there are plenty of attachments one can put on their faucet to make it perform better.

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What to Consider When Purchasing a Kitchen Faucet

Number of Sink Holes

Every sink has mounting holes, and a faucet will utilize one or multiple holes. Before you purchase a faucet, you need to know how many sinks you’re working with. This is true whether you’re purchasing a faucet for a preexisting sink or purchasing a brand new faucet and sink together. And make sure you check the sink’s mounting plate, as it may be covering some of the holes.

Some kitchen sinks have one faucet mounting hole while others have as many as four. In the four-hole model, one hole is for the spout, two holes are for the handles, and one hole is for an accessory, usually a soap dispenser or a side sprayer.

Water Lines

The faucet must also be compatible with the preexisting water lines. To know what kind of water lines you're dealing with, look under the sink towards the bottom of the cabinet; it’s here where you’ll find the water lines and shutoff valves. If you’re unsure of the size of your water lines, measure them with a measuring tape. The size may also be indicated on the valves. You should replace the shutoff valves if you’re installing a new faucet, as the old ones may fail to shut off the water when you need them to.


The faucet’s finish must complement nearby fixtures and appliances. Specifically, it should match the sink accessories, such as the air-gap mechanism, the built-in soap dispenser, and the side sprayer. Imagine a shiny, chrome faucet against brushed-copper accessories—a real sight for sore eyes!

Select Some Faucet Attachments

You should also consider which faucet attachments you want for the faucet. There’s the sprayer, the air-gap filter, the soap dispenser, and a lot of other accessories that improve the faucet’s functionality.

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