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When compared to other fixtures in the kitchen, cabinets utilize less components. And often, the auxiliary components that keep a cabinet together are not given a lot of thought. Yet without these, a cabinet wouldn't be able to function, nor would it look good. Specifically, the term “cabinet hardware” refers to knobs, pulls, door hinges, drawer glides, and other components. Without these, cabinets wouldn't be the wonderful fixtures they are today.

If you want your cabinets to look great in your kitchen, you must ensure that all the cabinet hardware is consistent with surrounding decor. If it’s not, these components will stick out like a sore thumb.

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What Is Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

Pulls & Knobs

Whether we’re talking about cabinets that have doors or those that utilize drawers, we’re talking about cabinets that open up. So what does one grip to open these cabinets? Usually, it's pulls for drawers and knobs for doors, but this isn’t a set-in-stone rule.

Both components are available in a range of finishes, so finding one that’ll match your kitchen decor won’t be hard. You could get standard knobs and pulls, or you could select cup pulls. These latter components go well with Shaker cabinets. There are also sleek, European-style cabinet bar pulls, and these look good in modern kitchens.

Pulls and knobs can be textured or they can be smooth and bright. At present, the most popular finish is brushed nickel. This finish is associated with modern kitchen decor, and it goes well with stainless steel, the material from which most kitchen appliances are constructed.

When selecting knobs and pulls, keep convenience in mind, as some individuals have hands that are too big for pulls while others with arthritis have difficulty grabbing knobs.

Door Hinges & Drawer Glides

Cabinet hinges are integral components as well. Without these, the cabinet doors wouldn't be able to open and close. The hinges are almost always concealed, and this is the way most homeowners want it. Still, all cabinet hinges should have the same finish, and this finish should complement other finishes in the room. You can also get slow-close hinges, and these prevent cabinet doors from slamming. These hinges also help cabinet doors last longer.

Glides are components that drawer cabinets utilize. If you want the least expensive option, you should get an all-plastic glide. You should know, however, that these aren’t the best at supporting heavy loads. All-metal glides, on the other hand, have some weight and they’re also a lot more durable. Drawer glides are great because they allow for partial drawer extension. Drawer glides can also be equipped with soft-close mechanisms.

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