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For thousands of years, tiles have been a preferred flooring material, and there are many kinds of tile on the market these days. One popular kind of tile is glazed tile. While many individuals think any tile that's glossy or shiny is glazed tile, “glazed” doesn't refer to the tile’s visual appearance but rather the coating which is applied to the tile.

Liquid glass and enamel are two common tile glazes, and glazed tiles can have either a glossy or matte finish. Glazed tiles are not only sturdy and long-lasting; they’re visually appealing and versatile as well. In short, there are many more reasons why individuals are still buying glazed tiles today.

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Glazed Tiles vs. Unglazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are often compared to unglazed tiles, which makes sense because both styles are preferred. There are, however, some notable differences between the two.

Unglazed tiles are made of clay and fired at a high temperature, but they are not fired at as high a temperature as glazed tiles are fired at. Glazed tiles need to be fired at a higher temperature so the coating can be applied.

Glazed tiles are also light and thin when compared to unglazed tiles, and glazed tiles are stain-resistant whereas unglazed tiles aren't. There’s also a wider selection of glazed tiles to choose from, while unglazed tiles are mainly used in earth-themed decors.

Why Glazed Tiles Are Preferred


Glazed tiles are sturdy and long-lasting, and these two qualities are in part what make them so popular. Tiles generally are a long-lasting flooring material, and tiles that are glazed have a particular advantage because this glaze protects them in a number of ways. This explains why you can find glazed tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms, and other areas that experience high foot traffic.

Visual Appeal

Glazed tiles are a sight to behold. They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, so there's easily something for everyone. There are even glazed tiles that mimic hardwood, and these are ideal for those who want to get the best of both materials.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning glazed tiles isn't difficult. Leftover food, dirt, grime, and liquids all wipe away easily, and these tiles are germ-resistant as well. And because these tiles don’t require a lot of maintenance, they are sought after these days.

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