Purchase All Your Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures at NYKHDC

The kitchen and the bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in a home, but these rooms wouldn't be as useful as they are if they weren’t equipped with the best fixtures, furnishings, and appliances. Kitchens and bathrooms have come a long way over the years, and these days both rooms can be highly efficient yet beautiful.

A kitchen can be a warm and inviting space where individuals gather to prepare, eat, and enjoy each other’s company over food. The bathroom, on the other hand, can be a watery oasis, into which one escapes from the stressors of day-to-day life. At NY Kitchen and Home Design Center, we have all the fixtures you'll need.

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Kitchen Fixtures


Cabinets are essential kitchen fixtures. They can be mounted to the wall, either up high or down low, and they can also stand alone in an island arrangement. They can fit into corner spaces and go under countertops, and there are so many kinds of cabinets to choose from these days. Modern cabinets are not only efficient but visually attractive as well. For the most part, cabinets are made of hardwood, plywood, wood veneer, medium-density fiberboard, and particleboard.


The countertop is another kitchen essential. On this you'll be preparing your food, and it’s likely the countertop will be home for several appliances as well. There will be cabinets under the countertop, so these two fixtures have to compliment each other. The sink will be built into the countertop as well. Countertops are often made of granite, quartz, laminate, concrete, and marble.


You can’t forget about the faucet! These are essential kitchen fixtures, even though they're not as big as the two listed already. There are so many faucet styles to choose from these days, and modern faucets are often equipped with high-quality features. For example, your faucet could utilize air-gap technology.

Bathroom Fixtures

Showers & Bathtubs

Showers and bathtubs are essential bathroom fixtures that individuals use daily. There are shower-tub combinations, and these are ideal for those who don't have a lot of space. Or you could have a stand-alone tub next to a corner shower. Both fixtures can be highly efficient and visually attractive, but they must be consistent with the rest of the bathroom decor as well.


The toilet is another bathroom fixture that gets used on a daily basis. Modern toilets are not only great at waste removal—they’re sturdy, comfortable, long-lasting, and appealing to the eyes as well. Your toilet must complement the shower and sink.


Vanities are elegant bathroom storage solutions that have been around for centuries. These are made of a variety of materials, and there are numerous styles available these days. If you don't have a lot of space, you can still get an accommodating vanity.